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5 Things to keep in mind when starting your surfing journey

When starting your #surfing journey it’s easy to get excited, to go out and buy all the equipment you think you need, jump in the ocean and not even catch a wave. So when you do start, it’s important that you take your time in learning, have lots of patience and don’t rush the process. If you do, you won’t enjoy yourself as much as you could be!

starting your surfing journey

When learning to surf make sure you keep these 5 tips in mind and you’ll be on you way to success.

1. Take lessons

Starting your surfing experience is going to be so much more enjoyable for you if you start with a surf lesson. A Woman Explore monthly clinic will ensure you gain a good understanding of the basics of surfing. In our clinic’s you’ll receive excellent coaching by one of our highly qualified female instructors, who will understand your ability, provide you with the correct advice and get you started with your surfing so that you feel confident and comfortable in the ocean and on your board.

Your Surf Coach will take you through how to stand up by finding a way that best suits you, teach you how to understand the ocean, where to surf whilst you’re learning and make sure you understand ocean safety too.

2. Ensure you have the correct equipment

It’s important to make sure when buying your own equipment that it is perfectly suited for you and your surfing ability. In your Woman Explore Clinic you’ll have the ability to chat to your coach about what shape and size board is right for you, so that you’ll feel confident when making your purchase.

Prior to buying your first surfboard make sure you ‘try before you buy’, this way you can get a feel for what best suits you and your ability. You will also want to make sure you have the correct wetsuit suited to your local environment and temperature.

3. Understand the ocean

The ocean is an ever changing environment that is out of our control, although by learning how to read the ocean we can ensure that we are in control of ourselves, our board and therefore our safety when in the ocean.

It’s important to have a good understanding of the ocean and its environment so that you can feel confident about when and where we surf. A Woman Explore lesson will assist you in gaining this knowledge.

The key things to look out for when going for a surf is the swell size, the tide and the wind direction and strength. These days you can check the surf conditions before you’re even down at the beach via your mobile phone or laptop. But when you do get down to the waters edge, take some time to observe the ocean whilst your stretching and putting your leg rope on so you have an entry and exit point and feel confident in your ability to surf in the conditions that are in front of you.

4. Never surf alone

It’s important to find yourself a surf buddy! Whether that is a family member, friend or another lady from your Woman Explore clinic! Having somebody else to surf with will ensure your safety in case anything happens to you or anybody else round you.

It also provides you with someone to share your surfing experience with, as its always more fun together. You can learn off each other and help each other out too. If you don’t have anybody to surf with make sure you always let somebody know where you’re going and when you will be back so that they know you're safe.

5. Relax and have fun

When learning to surf if you don’t have the patience for it, it can become very frustrating. So try not to put too much pressure on yourself, just focus on having fun with friends and being in the ocean immersed by its beauty and power.

Always remember to stop, take a deep breath and relax your body in the water and on your board. The ocean is a very healing place so remember to enjoy yourself any time that you are in the water whether you are having the best surf ever or just a relaxing swim.


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