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5 star review

"I have done a lot of solo travelling, usually with a theme and with something I learn from it, but I never considered surfing at my age. But wow, so glad I did. The surfing itself was the glue that held so much more that the actual surfing itself. Serena the coach, was extraordinary with a gift of skills, experience, encouragement and downright astuteness of what we needed on each day. Beyond the surf we snorkelled, swam with sharks and stingrays and ate great food. The sharing, support and camaraderie was unsurpassed. Highly recommend. Great fun, fabulous memory maker."

Lora | United Kingdom | Maldives Surf Retreat

I have always wanted to learn to surf

5 star review

"And now, in my 50's and armed with a burning desire to live life on my terms, I went looking for a surf school. But what I found was so much more. Without any hesitation I jumped at the chance to learn to surf in Bali over a 7 day retreat with 9 other women. As we shared our goals at the start of the retreat (mine was to stand up - at least once - by the week's end), our incredibly passionate and talented coach, Serena, gave me a cheeky grin and said 'Oh Kate, you'll be carving it up by week's end.' And that completely set the tone for the week. The team could not be more passionate, authentic, empowering, encouraging and talented. We were filmed and photographed every day - to document our progress - but also so our coaches could share with us the changes we needed to make to improve on our surfing. I could not believe it when I stood up on day TWO! And while carving it up will have to be my next surfing goal, by day 3 and onwards I was catching waves on my own. Every single woman on our trip caught waves and stood up and the joy and euphoria was like nothing we have ever experienced. This stuff is truly addictive. Aside from the surfing, every part of the trip was exceptional - from our accommodation, meals, transport and Balinese coaches to the additional little touches that just make a trip like this truly magical - such as yoga, massages and the company of 9 other wonderful women. We laughed, sang, cheered for each other and came away with new friendships. My heart is full."

Kate | Melbourne, Australia | Bali Surf Retreat

They've mastered the perfect formula

5 star review

"As a dedicated Woman Explore / Surf Getaways groupie, I've recently wrapped up my 5th surf tour with them, and I must say, they've mastered the perfect formula. From the exotic locations to the splendour of beautiful accommodations and delectable cuisine, every aspect is meticulously curated. The level of customer service, both before, during, and after the trip, is nothing short of fabulous, and the coaching and guiding are truly legendary. Without a doubt, I'll be back for more, and I'm already encouraging my fellow surfer ladies to join the next adventure. Who's up for Morocco?"

Mel | Brisbane, Australia | Bali Surf Retreat

Spectacular scenery and amazing hospitality

5 star review

“Spectacular scenery and amazing hospitality. Words and photos aren’t enough to describe how insanely beautiful and momentous this experience was. I climbed mountains, saw astounding sunsets, learnt history about the history of the land and tasted some incredible food and wine. The architecturally designed accommodation offered everything we needed for four days and fits seamlessly into the surrounding landscape and coastal woodland...”

Emma | Queensland, Australian | Tasmania Walking Retreat

We had a wonderful time

5 star review

"We had a wonderful time, with heaps of swimming, snorkelling and yoga in a beautiful environment. The standout was the excellent surf coaching. They were enthusiastic, extremely supportive and encouraging, and very knowledgeable about water and surf, a knowledge which was shared via a variety of mediums. They made sure that we had the skills to manage ourselves in moving water and waves as well as learning how to catch waves. The learning was enhanced greatly by their photography, as a daily review of video footage gave us the opportunity to see what we were doing (so often not what we thought we were doing!). I think the importance of that way of learning can't be overestimated. I'll be back! "

Megan | Melbourne, Australia | Vanuatu Surf Retreat

You girls ROCK!

5 star review

You girls ROCK! I have had the best holiday with the most awesome group of women. I just did 7 nights in Bali followed by 7 nights in the Maldives. It was absolute BLISS..... I came home so relaxed, fit and happy. The absolute HOLIDAY OF A LIFETIME. Thank you for coaching me, inspiring me, motivating me and putting up with me for that long :) I'll definitely be back enjoying you the Woman Explore team soon!

Mel | Brisbane, Australia | Bali & Maldives Retreats

Tweaked to perfection

5 star review

"The Byron 3 day retreat was outstanding. A wonderful balance of activities with an itinerary that has clearly been tweaked to perfection. Serena - your knowledge, both surfing and the local area, was second to none and you played a huge role in the success of the trip. Your calm and inclusive nature gave everyone confidence to not only improve their skills but also be motivated and inspired to do so. Nothing I would change about this trip - accommodation was lovely and the food was exactly what we needed to keep our energy levels up. I can’t wait until my next trip - I will definitely be back. Thank you!"

Catherine | Sydney, Australia | Byron Bay Surf Retreat

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