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Surfing beyond stereotypes, why women over 40 should dive in

It’s a common misconception that surfing is reserved for the young, fit and conventionally attractive—a notion that disproportionately affects women when considering trying new sports or activities. Despite women consistently debunking such stereotypes, it remains a significant barrier to entry for many considering the exhilarating sport of surfing. Surfing offers myriad benefits, giving back more than it takes, both physically and mentally, making it an ideal pursuit for women over 40. Let’s explore why.

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Firstly, there's the pervasive notion, perpetuated by the industry for decades, that surfing is primarily for the young. Yet, the inspiring documentary "Girls Can't Surf" highlights the rebellion of a group of renegade surfer girls in the 1980s, reshaping the sport's landscape forever.

Surfing is not only enjoyable but also an excellent way to improve your fitness. It rapidly enhances cardiovascular health and flexibility, engaging muscles rarely used in daily life, thereby building strength and paddle fitness crucial for surfing prowess and the overall enjoyment of this sport.

Furthermore, beyond the physical benefits, surfing profoundly impacts mental health by fostering presence and focus. In the water, distractions fade, replaced by the challenge of mastering waves, offering a respite from the pressures of your everyday life.

Surfing also facilitates connections with other adventurous women, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Joining female surf communities opens doors to shared experiences, enhancing the joys of the surfing journey.

Moreover, surfing opens up a world of travel opportunities, with countless destinations offering waves suited to all skill levels. Companies like Woman Explore who cater to women, providing tailored surf experiences across the globe.

So, if you're considering dipping your toes into the world of surfing, join one or our luxury learn to surf holidays today. It's time to defy stereotypes, embrace adventure, and discover the joy of riding the waves!


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