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Enjoy an exclusive luxury cruise in the magical Maldives

Create a once in a life time retreat experience












Join us for 10 nights on a once in a lifetime adventure on our private yacht. We include all of life’s luxuries to ensure you and your guests have the time of your lives in the worlds most famous tropical paradise. Cruising the Maldivian atolls this is a holiday like no other and it’s exclusive to Woman Explore.

This is that retreat experience you’ve always dreamt of and is perfect for surfers wanting to level up their surfing skills and those who are just starting out. Even non surfers can join this retreat given all locations we visit include opportunities for amazing snorkelling, swimming and general relaxation from your own luxury yacht.

Key retreat highlights

  • Enjoy 10 nights on a spectacular cruising yacht with single and twin share rooms

  • Indulge in three gourmet meals daily, offering a mix of international cuisines, fresh fruits, and snacks, ensuring a delightful culinary experience throughout your stay.

  • Explore various surf breaks across the Maldives with personalised surf coaching, tailored for beginners to intermediate surfers

  • Balance your adventure with ample time for snorkelling, exploring deserted islands, or lounging on your private yacht, providing the perfect blend of activity and relaxation

  • Limited to just 10 guests, this small group tour ensures an intimate and personalised experience

whats included

Included in your retreat

From the moment you land, your journey begins with a seamless transfer to your private yacht by our dedicated crew

  • Enjoy 10 nights of pure bliss on our spectacular cruising yacht, offering both single and twin share rooms. Each cabin features high-quality cotton bed linen, separate ensuite bathrooms with hot showers, toilets and basins, as well as air conditioning for your comfort. Daily housekeeping ensures your cabin remains pristine throughout your stay.

  • Embark on an adventure across the atolls, visiting various surf breaks based on the best conditions. With personalised advice on surfing equipment and professional guidance, you can learn to surf or refine your skills with confidence. This small group tour is limited to 10 guests, ensuring an intimate and focused experience with our expert guides and experienced local crew.

  • Savour the flavours of the sea with three gourmet meals per day, featuring a mix of international cuisines, fresh fruits and snacks. Every meal is a culinary delight prepared to satisfy your palate.

  • Enjoy ample time for snorkelling, exploring deserted islands, or simply lounging on your private yacht. Our well-trained guides are on hand to enhance your experience, ensuring you make the most of your time in this paradise.

  • This small group tour is limited to 10 guests, ensuring a personalised and exclusive experience. Our well-trained guides and experienced local crew will be the only other people on board, providing expert advice and support throughout your journey.

  • We take care of every detail, including coordinating your airport transfers to and from the yacht, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Join us for an unforgettable surf getaway where adventure, luxury, and relaxation come together perfectly.


Customer Reviews

See what the Woman Explore community are saying

These girls total rock!


"Don’t waste any more time surfing the internet when you could be surfing the waves in the Maldives with Woman Explore instead. There isn't a better place or a better surf travel company catering to all women adventures. These girls totally rock!"

KJF | Australia

Frequently asked questions

Is there a min. number of guests to set up a retreat?

For a successful retreat, we recommend inviting a minimum of 8-10 guests in most cases. This ensures the best value for you and your attendees. Minimum guest requirements may vary by destination, but reaching out to our team can help address situations with fewer guests, and we'll assist where we can.

How long do I have to sell my retreat to my guests?

To allow ample time for us to fulfil our commercial commitments with accommodation and activity providers, we require that your tour guests confirm and pay in full 90 days before the retreat begins. This ensures a seamless and well-coordinated experience for your guests, allowing us to plan all necessary details in advance.

How do I make money from my retreat?

We've cultivated partnerships with top-notch hospitality and activity companies globally. With automated booking platforms and decades of business expertise within our team, we craft retreats that capitalise on these resources. This not only ensures excellent value for you but also allows you to add a profitable margin to your guest charges.

How do I start creating my very own retreat?

Explore our diverse destinations, select one (or a few), and if you're unsure, we can assist based on your goals. After narrowing down your destination, pick a time and tentative dates for your retreat. Let us know your thoughts and our team will create a draft model and guide you through the next steps to bring your dream retreat to life.

Create your dream retreat experience

Are you ready to make your dream retreat a reality? Take the first step and enquire about how you can create a unique retreat experience with Woman Explore.

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