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Why women are right to believe in the benefits of yoga

You may already know someone who loves yoga. They probably talk about it in glowing terms. You haven’t tried it yourself yet because you just can’t see how it will help you. All that stretching and sweating. Is it worth it? Well, trust us when we say –yes, it is! Here’s a women's guide to the benefits you can expect to reap from a regular yoga routine.

benefits of yoga

General Health and Well Being

Many women – especially if they have enjoyed high-energy sports in the past – are mystified as to how yoga’s slow movements and deep breathing can make a difference to overall health, but the fact is that the practice quietly improves strength, balance and flexibility, creating a better blood flow that benefits both the mind and body. Try a simple 15-minute routine every day for a week and we guarantee you will notice a difference in the way your body moves, how you feel, and what you are capable of achieving.

Yoga Helps With That Aching Back

It’s amazing how many women find yoga through a search to relieve back pain. Your doctor may well have steered you towards it – the American College of Physicians even recommends yoga as a first-line treatment for chronic backache. The simple act of repeating the famous ‘down dog’ and ‘up dog’ poses – all the time controlling your breathing in a gentle rhythm – is probably the single most effective treatment there is for ridding yourself of lumber misery. You can try a few poses alone first, but there is no replacement for finding a yoga teacher and joining a class. This brings us to the third reason we recommend you try yoga: friendship.

The Yoga Community

Belonging to a community, with its sense of shared friendship and camaraderie, is one of the most rewarding benefits you can enjoy from practising yoga. Reach out to us for a recommended WE yoga teacher or group and we’ll put you in touch with like-minded women at your level. We guarantee you will soon be sharing more than just chats about your latest session.

Yoga brings together women of all ages through a communal knowledge of the specific trials and tribulations that exist for all of us. Make new friends meet up for coffee after class, share a supportive network that helps in business, home and emotional lives. Yoga will help you to ease any sense of loneliness and provide you with an environment for group healing and support. Even during one-on-one sessions, you can reduce that sense of lonely dread that everyone experiences at one time or another. Yoga groups help you to be acknowledged as a unique individual through being listened to and by participating in the creation of a personalised yoga plan. You will quickly feel part of a family.

A Better Night’s Sleep

Scientific evidence shows that yoga supports mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss and quality rest. You may feel increased mental and physical energy, a boost in alertness and enthusiasm, and fewer negative feelings after getting into a routine of practising yoga.

Yoga can help with relieving the discomfort of tender, swollen joints for people with arthritis, reduce stress leading to healthier hearts, lower blood pressure and better weight. It can reduce the symptoms of PMS and hormonal fluctuations. Of primary importance for many people, research shows that a consistent bedtime yoga routine can help you get in the right mindset and prepare your body to not only fall asleep but stay asleep.

At the end of the day, yoga promotes a sense of self-care, which when combined with its health benefits and sense of connectivity to a wider community, can lead to a fuller and happier life. It’s no accident that women who practice regular yoga are less likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Yoga simply makes people happier.

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