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Meet Jules Brooke: The champion for raising the visibility of business women

In a world where business can sometimes feel like very serious affair, Jules Brooke stands out as a breath of fresh air. With her vibrant personality and boundless energy, she's not just a PR expert – she's a force of nature on a mission to shake things up and inject a healthy dose of fun.

jules brooke bali retreat

Jules's journey from newspaper prodigy to PR powerhouse reads like an adventure through the dynamic landscape of media and marketing. From her early days navigating the bustling newsrooms of the Herald Sun to her globetrotting escapades in London, she's amassed a wealth of experience and insights that few can rival.

A serial entrepreneur, in 2003, Jules took the plunge and launched her own PR agency, Handle Communications. But it was her "eureka" moment in 2008 that changed everything. Realising that small businesses had incredible stories to tell but often lacked the resources to hire a PR agency, she birthed Handle Your Own PR – a game-changer in the world of DIY PR with a PR SaaS platform and a database bulging with media contacts.

Lights, camera, action: She's The Boss takes centre stage! In 2019, Jules took her infectious energy to the small screen as the host of "She's The Boss" on Ticker TV. A celebration of women in business, the show was a whirlwind of inspiration, laughter and – you guessed it – plenty of fun.

These days Jules is focused on helping business women and female founders to be more visible. She has grown the She’s The Boss Group, and now focuses on helping women raise their profile through PR, speaking, podcasting, awards, LinkedIn, networking and online courses. She is also a prolific interviewer of women (on her weekly Livestream show, her podcast, YouTube channel and more!).

And now, Jules invites you to join her on her latest adventure: the "How To Become a Woman of Influence" retreat in Bali this June 16-23rd. With only one spot left, it's an opportunity to bask in the sun, connect with extraordinary women and unlock your inner influence – all while having the time of your life.

A serial entrepreneur, PR powerhouse, community builder, speaker and eternal optimist, Jules is the driving force behind the She’s The Boss Group, and Australian Women Speakers. With her infectious laughter and unwavering passion for empowering others, she's not just rewriting the rules for business women – she's making it a whole lot more fun!


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