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Kiwi trails & tranquility, your epic New Zealand getaway!

Get ready for an unforgettable New Zealand adventure












Group - New Zealand

Embark on a thrilling Kiwi escapade as we unveil a retreat amidst the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the land of the long white cloud, where adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration seamlessly converge.

Stay tuned for the big reveal that promises an extraordinary experience in the heart of New Zealand's diverse terrains. Join us on this anticipation-filled journey, and let the excitement build for a retreat like no other.

Key vacay highlights

Group - New Zealand
  • Wander through New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes on scenic walking trails, fostering an immersive connection with nature.

  • Enjoy a lavish stay at a luxury lodge or boutique hotel, where comfort and elegance meet.

  • Delight in a culinary journey featuring local flavours and specialties, offering a delicious taste of New Zealand's diverse cuisine.

  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of New Zealand, with cultural performances and interactions with the friendly Kiwi community.

  • Strike the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation with various walking excursions tailored to different fitness levels, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience.

whats included

Included in your group vacay

An exhilarating New Zealand adventure that promises an unforgettable experience for you and your squad!

  • 7 nights of premium accommodation in a luxury lodge or boutique hotel Experience a week of comfort and luxury with a stay in a luxury lodge or boutique hotel, offering a unique charm. More details on these coming soon!

  • Indulge in a culinary journey with gourmet breakfasts, lunches and dinners featuring locally sourced ingredients and showcasing the diverse flavors of New Zealand cuisine.

  • Explore the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand with expert guides leading nature walks and hikes, providing insights into the local flora, fauna, and geological wonders.

  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of New Zealand with visits to a Maori cultural site, experience a traditional performance and even participate in an interactive workshop.

  • Unwind with wellness activities, including yoga sessions, spa treatments (additional cost) and mindfulness workshops, fostering a sense of rejuvenation and balance.

  • Delight in New Zealand's renowned wines with curated wine-tasting experience, complemented by special culinary events that showcase the country's gastronomic excellence.

  • Ample opportunity to explore charming local towns, visit artisan markets, or simply relax at their leisure, fostering a sense of personal discovery.

  • All transfers to activities and events included

  • Parking can be arranged on request at the hotel


Customer Reviews

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You girls ROCK!


You girls ROCK! I have had the best holiday with the most awesome group of women. I just did 7 nights in Bali followed by 7 nights in the Maldives. It was absolute BLISS..... I came home so relaxed, fit and happy. The absolute HOLIDAY OF A LIFETIME. Thank you for coaching me, inspiring me, motivating me and putting up with me for that long :) I'll definitely be back enjoying you the Woman Explore team soon!

Mel | Bali, Indonesia | Bali & Maldives Retreats

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Frequently asked questions

How do I start creating my very own group vacay?

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Aciusdae persper orepeli tianda quatis sunt optat qui qui abori nus ea vel imintem harchici odi ommoluptur sum quibusam il ilibus es et liquas numenim et, si reperum explaut a int deribus aut que nam lique eseruntius aperia

Is there a minimum number of guests required?

For a successful group vacay, we suggest inviting a minimum of 8-10 guests in most cases. This ensures the best value for both you and your crew. While minimum guest requirements may vary by destination, our team can help address situations with fewer guests, and see what we can do to make your vacay a reality.

How can I snag a free spot on a group vacay?

We team up with our partners to get you the best deals and make sure your vacay is all about fun! Your hard work in organising and inviting your mates won't be in vain—we include your attendance costs in the overall vacay price. That means you might just get to join the adventure without spending a cent!

Create your dream group vacay today!

Are you ready to make your dream vacay a reality? Take the first step and enquire about how you can create a unique holiday experience with Woman Explore.

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