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Ride the waves with your crew on a luxury Mexican surf fiesta

Dive into the thrill of surfing in the sun-soaked paradise of Sayulita












Group - Mexico Surf

Indulge in the extraordinary on a retreat set against the stunning coastal backdrop of Sayulita, on the Mexican Riviera. Immerse yourself in the cool and vibrant atmosphere of this bustling coastal village, where beautiful beaches, gentle rolling waves, and white sands await.

Experience the culinary wonders of the region, with Mexican cuisine boasting vibrant flavours, textures, and colours that will tantalise your taste buds.

This extensive coastal area offers a myriad opportunities to snorkel, surf or simply unwind and soak up the laid-back beachside experience of the Mexican Riviera. Get ready to embark on a journey where every moment is a celebration of sun, surf, and the authentic flavours of Mexico.

Key vacay highlights

Group - Mexico Surf
  • Host your fiesta at Avela Boutique Hotel in Sayulita, an adult-only haven on a hillside, promising a unique and luxurious stay close to the lively village.

  • Dive into the fantastic world of Mexican cuisine with daily breakfasts, lunches and three included dinners.

  • Master the waves with professional surf coaching from our experienced team, tailored for all levels from beginners to intermediate surfers.

  • Explore the famed local beaches along the Mexican Riviera, soaking in the white sands and crystal blue waters that define this stunning coastline.

  • Ride the waves or chill on the beaches, discover charming cafes and bars or indulge in shopping for the perfect surf souvenir during ample free time.

whats included

Included in your group vacay

Join the ultimate surf fiesta in Mexico! A perfect blend of relaxation, surf lessons, and indulgence for an unforgettable experience.

  • 7 nights accommodation in Avela Boutique, adults only hotel Revel in 7 nights of luxury accommodation at Avela Boutique Hotel in Sayulita. This unique, adults only hotel, is nestled in the side of a hill a short 15min walk from the village, just far enough away from the noisy village and its hustle and bustle.

  • Delight your taste buds with daily breakfasts and lunches, and 3 x dinners, showcasing the vibrant Mexican cuisine. The three included dinners will immerse you in the local flavors, creating a culinary journey that elevates your Mexican surf adventure.

  • Experience professional surf coaching tailored to all skill levels, ensuring you catch the perfect wave. Enjoy surf stretching sessions prior to surfing and we'll provide the beginner boards. Daily excursions take you to renowned surf breaks, providing the ideal backdrop for a thrilling and enriching surf experience.

  • Beyond the waves, embrace the vibrant local culture during ample free time. Explore the lively scene, discover hidden gems and indulge in the spirited ambiance of Sayulita at your own pace.

  • Relish the vibrant evenings with live entertainment, adding an extra layer of excitement to your stay.

  • Enjoy stress-free logistics with assistance in organising airport transfers, ensuring a smooth arrival and departure to and from Avela Boutique Hotel (additional cost).

  • Additional resort facilities and amenities included: - Unlimited WIFI and filtered water - Use of hotel pool and sun loungers - Spa and wellness centre (additional cost) - Tea and coffee - Secure on-site parking


Customer Reviews

See why learning to surf is such a great way to break down barriers

Just do it!


"I have done a lot of solo travelling, usually with a theme and with something I learn from it, but I never considered surfing at my age. But wow, so glad I did. The surfing itself was the glue that held so much more that the actual surfing itself. Serena the coach, was extraordinary with a gift of skills, experience, encouragement and downright astuteness of what we needed on each day. Beyond the surf we snorkelled, swam with sharks and stingrays and ate great food. The sharing, support and camaraderie was unsurpassed. Highly recommend. Great fun, fabulous memory maker."

Lora | United Kingdom | Maldives Surf Retreat

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Frequently asked questions

How do I start creating my very own group vacay?

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Aciusdae persper orepeli tianda quatis sunt optat qui qui abori nus ea vel imintem harchici odi ommoluptur sum quibusam il ilibus es et liquas numenim et, si reperum explaut a int deribus aut que nam lique eseruntius aperia

Is there a minimum number of guests required?

For a successful group vacay, we suggest inviting a minimum of 8-10 guests in most cases. This ensures the best value for both you and your crew. While minimum guest requirements may vary by destination, our team can help address situations with fewer guests, and see what we can do to make your vacay a reality.

How can I snag a free spot on a group vacay?

We team up with our partners to get you the best deals and make sure your vacay is all about fun! Your hard work in organising and inviting your mates won't be in vain—we include your attendance costs in the overall vacay price. That means you might just get to join the adventure without spending a cent!

Create your dream group vacay today!

Are you ready to make your dream vacay a reality? Take the first step and enquire about how you can create a unique holiday experience with Woman Explore.

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