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Surf's up in paradise, dive into the magic of the Maldives!

Pack your bags and for an unforgettable holiday in the Maldives












Group - Maldives Surf

Attention vacation planners and adventure enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for the holiday of a lifetime in the Maldives – it's not just a surf experience; it's a memory-making extravaganza on a 4-star island resort that defines luxury!

This once-in-a-lifetime vacay is crafted for surf lovers and those longing for an extraordinary escape to one of the planet's most stunning destinations. Picture daily boat trips unveiling the best of the Maldives, blending thrilling surf experiences with moments of pure relaxation.

Dive into the beauty of the Maldives with your crew, where every moment is a celebration of sun, surf, and the extraordinary.

Key vacay highlights

Group - Maldives Surf
  • Enjoy 7 blissful nights in a Beach View Room at the 4-star Kandooma Resort – your slice of paradise!

  • Get top-notch coaching from our amazing Woman Explore coaches and local pros, suitable for all skill levels

  • Ride endless waves at the private surf break, thanks to surf passes that immerse you in the Maldivian surf culture

  • Cruise to hidden gems with daily boat rides to more surfing and snorkelling spots across the breathtaking atolls

  • Unwind worry-free with a fantastic female guide, ensuring your experience is seamless and oh-so-enjoyable

whats included

Included in your group vacay

Get ready for the perfect blend of luxury, surfing and adventure on our exclusive Maldives holiday. An unforgettable experience awaits you, including

  • 7 nights in your Beach View Room Nestled on the South Malé Atoll, the 4-star Kandooma Resort welcomes you to a haven of luxury in the heart of the Maldives. Immerse yourself in the serenity of our Beach View Rooms, designed for ultimate comfort and adorned with contemporary elegance. Wake up to the soothing sounds of the Indian Ocean and step onto your private terrace to witness the sun painting the sky with hues of pink and gold.

  • Indulge in a world of culinary delights at the island's various restaurants, offering a fusion of international flavors with a touch of Maldivian essence. Enjoy daily breakfasts and three unique dinners, each meticulously prepared to satisfy your palate. A welcome feast, a midweek dinner, and a final night celebration – the culinary experience is a vital part of your holiday.

  • Learn to surf or improve your skills with surf coaching sessions led by our experienced coaches, tailored for beginners through to intermediate level surfers. Capture your progress with personalized photos and videos.

  • Immerse yourself in the Maldivian surf culture with a surf pass for unlimited access to the island’s private surf break. Daily boat rides will take you to additional surfing or snorkeling locations, ensuring an unforgettable aquatic experience.

  • Embrace the resort's lavish amenities, including the spa, fully equipped gym, multiple restaurants, bars and a central luxurious pool and beach facilities. Please note that beach activities and spa treatments may include an additional cost.

  • Navigate the Maldives worry-free with a dedicated female guide ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout your retreat.

  • We've got your back for coordinating airport boat transfers to and from the resort, ensuring a seamless start and end to your guests' vacation.


Customer Reviews

The Maldives offers perfect surfing conditions, making it an exceptional locale for beginners surfers

Just do it!


"I have done a lot of solo travelling, usually with a theme and with something I learn from it, but I never considered surfing at my age. But wow, so glad I did. The surfing itself was the glue that held so much more that the actual surfing itself. Serena the coach, was extraordinary with a gift of skills, experience, encouragement and downright astuteness of what we needed on each day. Beyond the surf we snorkelled, swam with sharks and stingrays and ate great food. The sharing, support and camaraderie was unsurpassed. Highly recommend. Great fun, fabulous memory maker."

Lora | United Kingdom | Maldives Surf Retreat

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Frequently asked questions

How do I start creating my very own group vacay?

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Aciusdae persper orepeli tianda quatis sunt optat qui qui abori nus ea vel imintem harchici odi ommoluptur sum quibusam il ilibus es et liquas numenim et, si reperum explaut a int deribus aut que nam lique eseruntius aperia

Is there a minimum number of guests required?

For a successful group vacay, we suggest inviting a minimum of 8-10 guests in most cases. This ensures the best value for both you and your crew. While minimum guest requirements may vary by destination, our team can help address situations with fewer guests, and see what we can do to make your vacay a reality.

How can I snag a free spot on a group vacay?

We team up with our partners to get you the best deals and make sure your vacay is all about fun! Your hard work in organising and inviting your mates won't be in vain—we include your attendance costs in the overall vacay price. That means you might just get to join the adventure without spending a cent!

Create your dream group vacay today!

Are you ready to make your dream vacay a reality? Take the first step and enquire about how you can create a unique holiday experience with Woman Explore.

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